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Installing GNU Screen in ESX server

Today, I am forced to login into my ESX servers. Some accidents happened and my virtual servers went down. Seems to much snapshots i have made using a scheduler and fill up my datastore entirely.

There is only 2GB left from 500GB of storage. Therefore my machine cannot boot anymore. I tried to use VMware Virtual Client to move some of virtual disks but seems my network was so intermittent and the operations failed over and over.

Well I need to go inside the ESX and manually move the virtual disks. but that the problem, my network is not reliable. I can just let my ssh sessions interrupted while copying the disks.

And worse, ESX does not have screen installed. Hello! that is my favorite tool while playing in CLI. Seems I have to install one, so I can work anywhere as I in the server myself.

I tried to use Yum. But the Yum in ESX is just meant to use for updates only. What a lame!

More research comes up with ESX is built on RH3. That just cool! Just find any rpm that suite that distros, I think it will fit ESX.

And i found it in rpm.pbone.net! the link is:


and with a dependency that needed:


Now, I have it installed and ready to move my virtual disks to external drive I attached to my ESX server!

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