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The Beginning

It has been long time i setup this blog, but the blog is emptied since the it was born. Hahaha. I actually interested to shared my experienced in internet but i have no no encouragement from others and my inner self to starts.

Reading my friends blog pages is fun…. such as Alan, Shawn, Shakir and others. However I ve still not have a story to tell except my experience in Open Sources Software. Anything else, hm…. nothing. Because everyday what I did is just staying in front of computer all days. Watching clips, play games, compiling kernels (my hobby when I starts Linux computing) or programs, tuning my computer, cracking some site (only certain site) and everything that i can do with my computer.

Everything have to starts somewhere and here I am. Hopefully this is not my last blog and I will continue to write until the last day where I will be returned to where I come from. Hmm… for this time being everything about Free and Liberal Open Source Software and my jobs will be my subjects. May be, will changed someday, no one knows.

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